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Jayco is a popular manufacturer of camper trailers. When you want to enjoy an RV holiday, a Jayco camper makes for a wonderful first step. Jayco campers are small in size, can be set up easily and quickly and best of all, offer a huge living space. Although Jayco campers are a popular choice among first-timers, seasoned travellers simply love these campers. Peninsula RV Centre offers Jayco campers for sale at unbeatable prices. We buy and sell campers of all makes and models including Jayco campers. When you are looking for high quality used Jayco motorhomes for sale in Melbourne, look no further. Explore our range of Jayco campers today.

Packed with Features

Jayco camper trailers boast all the essential features you need for a fun, comfy holiday. Fans of Jayco simply appreciate the queen-sized bed, the kitchen and dining space, the Euro Style furniture, foam seating, the 3-way fridge and generous storage options.

Super Convenient Campers

You can cruise down the highway and enter your garage with these super compact, flexible and lightweight campers. These nitrogen inflated tyres help improve fuel efficiency and reduce tyre wear. Towing is an easy task and storing your Jayco camper is super simple. Your standard sedan can easily move your Jayco camper. You don't need a 4WD

Easy to Set Up Jayco campers are easy to set up and pack up too. Their roof lifter system helps minimize winding effort, maximize stability, eliminate slippage and is completely enclosed to reduce damage. Simply park, extend the beds, expand the roof and your home away from home is all set no matter where you are.

Excellent Design and Build

Jayco camper trailers are built to last all thanks to their quad-layer wall technology. Not only are these trailers stronger, they are far lighter when compared to traditional campers. The tent section of Jayco campers are made from high quality canvas. The fiberglass roof is made from a single piece and is super strong.

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At Peninsula RV Centre, we offer the complete solution. Whether you are looking to buy Jayco Seaford, Jayco Silverline for sale or Jayco Starcraft Poptop, we have you covered Should you need a loan when buying a Jayco caravan for sale, we can help. Get in touch with us today.