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Servicing & Maintenance

Regular servicing of your RV is vital for safety, just like your towing vehicle. If you have just returned from an extended holiday or your vehicle is due for a service, then now is a good time to book your next service. That way you will be ready for your next adventure. Our dedicated and experienced team at Peninsula RV Centre e are ready to service your vehicle to ensure a safe and happy journey.

12 Volt & Solar Solutions

Whether you intend a short getaway or heading to the centre of the Simpson Desert, it is essential to have an efficient power supply. You may wish to run refrigeration, audio, lights, pumps, phone and laptop chargers, a television or a 12 volt fan. These items determine the size of the system that is right for you. Solar panels are available in different sizes – the larger the panel size or area, the greater the electrical output.

Insurance & Accidental Damage

We will assist you with any insurance repair you may require. Whether the claim is a result of impact damage, hail damage, storm damage, fire or flood damage nothing is too big or small – it is all repairable. Our team will organize a quote for all your repairs in the most efficient and stress free manner.

Refrigeration, A/C & Heating

You may wish to upgrade your Refrigerator, install a new Air Conditioner, make changes to your Heating or more simply, install a couple of 12 Volt Fans. We can Repair, Service and Install all of these items to meet your needs

Suspension & Chassis

As Caravan Repairs and Service has evolved from the off road caravan and camper trailer manufacturing world, our team offer the experience you need for any suspension or chassis upgrade or repair. If you need any modifications or repairs carried out on your existing suspension or chassis we are the team to talk too.

Custom Modifications & Fabrication

Read through this vast range of services that Peninsula RV Centreoffer then give us a call. You can be assured all work will be carried out in our workshop by our qualified tradesmen – you can rely on us not only for advice but we will deliver quality work – first time, every time.

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